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HPC in the Cloud's white paper database contains reports from the leading thought-leaders and idea generators in the Cloud industry.

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Cray, DDN, Mellanox, NetApp, ScaleMP, Supermicro, Xyratex Breaking I/O Bottlenecks
Source: Cray, DDN, Mellanox, NetApp, ScaleMP, Supermicro, Xyratex
Release Date:October 30, 2013

Creating data is easy… the challenge is getting it to the right place to make use of it. This paper discusses fresh solutions that can directly increase I/O efficiency, and the applications of these solutions to current, and new technology infrastructures.

IBM A New Ultra-Dense Hyper-Scale x86 Server Design
Source: IBM
Release Date:October 1, 2013

A new trend is developing in the HPC space that is also affecting enterprise computing productivity with the arrival of “ultra-dense” hyper-scale servers.

ScaleMP Meeting the Changing Demands of Big Data Analytics
Source: ScaleMP
Release Date:September 18, 2013

This paper discusses why large datasets must be placed in memory for Big Data efforts and the issues with supporting large data volumes using common methods. Learn about new technology from ScaleMP that virtualizes memory in server clusters.

Asetek, Cray, HP, Sabalcore and Supermicro Extracting Maximum ROI from HPC Server Technologies
Source: Asetek, Cray, HP, Sabalcore and Supermicro
Release Date:August 29, 2013

Learn a number of methods by which HPC users can increase the ROI of their installations which include:

  • Software technologies for ROI gain
  • Server hardware technologies enabling greater efficiency
  • Data center power and cooling methodology for cost savings
Additional discussion is around ROI improvement coming from cloud computing solutions as a component of an HPC workload.

Cray White Paper: Cray CS300™ Clusters Take Aim at Big Computing and Big Data
Source: Cray
Release Date:September 24, 2013

See how the standards-based CS300 product line enables Cray to tap expanding demand for clustered solutions in the HPC supercomputer and divisional markets, including fast-growing demand for high-performance data analysis.

Allinea Case Study: Allinea Tools Help Canada Close Innovation Gap
Source: Allinea
Release Date:September 23, 2013

SciNet takes to Allinea’s debugging and profiling tools to accelerate software development on Canada’s leading HPC systems

IBM Technical Computing for a New Era
Source: IBM
Release Date:July 30, 2013

This white paper examines various means of adapting technical computing tools to accelerate product and services innovation across a range of commercial industries such as manufacturing, financial services, energy, healthcare, entertainment and retail. No longer is technically advanced computing limited to the confines of big government labs and academic centers. Today it is available to a wide range of organizations seeking a competitive edge.

Intel The UberCloud HPC Experiment: Compendium of Case Studies
Source: Intel
Release Date:June 25, 2013

The UberCloud HPC Experiment has achieved the volunteer participation of 500 organizations and individuals from 48 countries with the aim of exploring the end-to-end process employed by digital manufacturing engineers to access and use remote computing resources in HPC centers and in the cloud. This Compendium of 25 case studies is an invaluable resource for engineers, managers and executives who believe in the strategic importance of applying advanced technologies to help drive their organization’s productivity to perceptible new levels.

Cleversafe, Cray, DDN, NetApp, & Panasas Best Practices in Big Data Storage
Source: Cleversafe, Cray, DDN, NetApp, & Panasas
Release Date:May 10, 2013

From Wall Street to Hollywood, drug discovery to homeland security, companies and organizations of all sizes and stripes are coming face to face with the challenges – and opportunities – afforded by Big Data. Before anyone can utilize these extraordinary data repositories, however, they must first harness and manage their data stores, and do so utilizing technologies that underscore affordability, security, and scalability.

Allinea Case Study: Allinea Tools Introduce Australia’s ‘Awesome’ Future Workforce to Efficient Supercomputing
Source: Allinea
Release Date:July 16, 2013

Western Australia’s iVEC is an unincorporated joint venture between Australia’s National Science Agency and four western Australian universities.

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