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HPC in the Cloud's white paper database contains reports from the leading thought-leaders and idea generators in the Cloud industry.

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Versant The Fastest Database Engine for the Fastest Moving Markets
Source: Versant
Release Date:February 11, 2011

The Versant Database Engine helps business leaders solve the toughest technology problems in cutting-edge industries.

IDC ISC11 Powerpoint presentation
Release Date:June 20, 2011

Virident Solve the IO bottleneck with Virident’s tachIOn PCIe SSD solution
Source: Virident
Release Date:February 11, 2011

Improve server throughput and consolidation by eliminating the IO bottleneck with tachIOn. This revolutionary PCIe Flash card offers up to 800 GBs and delivers the highest performance and reliability for a variety of enterprise-class workloads.

Spectra Logic Making Size Matter: Spectra Storage Solutions for Petascale and Beyond
Source: Spectra Logic
Release Date:January 15, 2011

For many data-intensive High Performance Computing (HPC) application areas such as oil and gas exploration, medical imaging, finance, and scientific research, the ability to store, access, and process vast amounts of data in a timely fashion is critical to new generations of discovery. Read Intersect360's research analysis of Spectra's T-Finity's ability to meet the performance, reliability, and scalability requirements for HPC environments.

Using Zircon Technology to Optimize the Performance of the EEMBC Suite
Source: Zircon
Release Date:January 3, 2011

This paper describes how the zNet framework from Zircon Computing dramatically improves application performance on an embedded eight-core AMD opteron 6134 dual-processor system.

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